Sunday, October 19, 2008

Welcome to the 'Tap Tap Photo' web site!

Tap Tap Photo is the iPhone and iPod touch application that lets you flip the world around, zoom in and out and enjoy the best photos of the world !

Now seeing the nicest places on earth couldn't be easier!
Just zoom into the area you want to explore, tap tap on the screen
and up to ten of Panoramio's most popular photos on that area will
show up. Just tap on any of them to enjoy the pictures.

Check out this video:

1 comment:

johnny0 said...

Have you considered releasing a version with just the globe? That is pretty sweet.

Hooking into other data sources would also be interesting. Cities, country names, places of geographical interest, etc. this would make a really nice atlas.

You should get together with the guys who did the CIA Worldbook app.